Has Anyone Else Created a Data Lab?

I am working within a major data transformation programme within a well known high street bank. I was brought in to manage the DQ analysis function, operating within a "Data Laboratory" - essentially a physically and logically secured environment which is intended to permit the analysis and sandboxing of live (or near live) data without affecting production systems.

Has anyone done something similar?

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What initial activities do you undertake as a new data quality manager?

Posted anonymously:

Hi, I'm about to start a new role as data quality manager, was really looking to get some experiences from others in the field on what they did in those early months.

So, how did they settle in, what kind of activities did they kick off, committees, working groups, roles and responsibilities etc.

If any data quality managers could share their views it would be much appreciated!

What questions would you ask when interviewing for a Data Quality Analyst?

My current client has asked me to help them with the recruitment of a permanent Data Quality Analyst (who will be undertaking profiling, DQ monitoring, root cause analysis etc). 

I'm currently drafting the interview questions and I wondered if anyone had any great interview questions for this type of role which they are willing to share?

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Measuring and Displaying Data Quality in a Dashboard - examples or links?

Posted by Mark van der Linden:

I'm looking into measuring data quality in some kind of graphical way. 

The first page needs to be something execs would understand then i need the ability to drill down to a level that stewards would understand and give them enough information to fix the actual records. 

Does anyone have any examples/links/information that could me build this dashboard as I have questions like:

  • What information would make sense to an exec and how should that be gathered and displayed?
  • Do I roll each data quality issue to a particular DQ dimension or is that to high level?

Of course business impacts of the issues need to be displayed. 

I would love any feedback from others who have successfully measured quality in a graphical manor.