Who should own data quality in our business?

Question submitted by registered member 28/11/09:

We have recently purchased data quality technology and now want to start setting up routines, using the products and developing processes within our business - who owns data quality?

We have run into something of a problem in that internally we're struggling to determine ownership for data quality.

One idea we have had is of not finding one single owner of DQ, but rather starting small and finding the owner(s) as we go. Our approach is that DQ must be initiated in many places in the organization:

1. It must be a part of the Data Integration development methodology.
2. DQ can be a part of ETL flows.
3. DQ as a Data Management Function or a Competence Center
4. DQ applied to business processeses with data related problems.
5. DQ on a CxO level.

So each layer of DQ may require different owners. Do you think this would be a good idea? ...or would you approach the owner problem differently?

We would be extremely grateful for any advice you can offer, thank you.