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Information & Data Quality

In today's interconnected Information Age it is more important than ever for organisations to properly manage the quality of their Information Assets.

But what is the right roadmap for your company?

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Information Governance

In the Information Age good Information Governance is more important than ever. 

This requires changes to be made as people adapt their thinking about who is responsible and accountable for Information. 

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Data Protection Compliance

Smart organisations realise that compliance with Data Protection rules is a key element in a trusted Information Fuelled business.

Hint: it's about more than just securing the data, and it affects  every company.

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Accredited Training Provider

Castlebridge Associates is a FETAC accredited Training Provider. Our courses and their delivery are designed to allow learners to attain a Quality Assured accreditation and have their skills and learning recognised on the National Qualifications Framework.

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Castlebridge Associates - Services


Castlebridge Associates provides on-site or remote consulting services to help your organisation define and execute an effective Information Strategy that will better enable you to achieve your larger strategic goals.

We have a global team of Associate Consultants with experience in a wide range of industries, and we can also draw on a wide network of international contacts to find the best person, technology, or insight to help you address the Human Factors in your Information-driven projects.


We can assist in:

  • Project scoping
  • Strategy definition
  • Identifying key Information Value drivers
  • Assisting in developing communications plans and processes
  • Identifying knowledge gaps in your team
  • Information Management tool or vendor evaluation/selection

Education & Training

Castlebridge Associates is an accredited training provider delivery high impact training in all areas of Information Management.

We focus on supporting organisations in addressing "The Human Factor" in Information and Data Management issues through effective training and education supports that focus on the key business value issues, the core skills required, and promote a holistic and strategic view of the challenges and opportunities organisations are presented with in this area.

We work with clients to develop and deliver bespoke training solutions to support Change Management goals and organisation objectives.

We also offer generic "off the peg" training in a variety of areas including:

  • Information Quality Management (including the IAIDQ's Information Qualtiy Certified Professional accreditation)
  • Information Strategy
  • Understanding and applying legal regulations to Information & Data Management
  • Data Governance
  • Driving business focussed change in data management
  • EU Data Protection regulations (with a particular focus on Irish and UK legislation)

Training Curriculum

Coaching & Mentoring

Consider an all too common challenge facing managers - what do you do when you know your team has the skills, the passion, the insight, and the desire to tackle your Information Management challenges but just don't seem to be clicking with the challenges in a way that makes opportunities possible?


Often your team will know what to do, will have a reasonable sense of how to do it, but will need an informed mentor to help guide and support their thinking, to be a sounding board for their ideas, play the devils advocate for new thinking, and to help them learn from the experiences of others.


Whether it is coaching and mentoring for your entire team, or just a few key players, we offer a tailored service which can help shift perspectives and thinking out of the day to day trenches of your projects and help trigger new thinking, fresh perspectives, and a refuelled Human Factor

Our team of Associates can provide coaching and mentoring services either as an on-site delivery or a remote support service for a few hours each month.

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Project & Change Management Support

Sometimes organisations need a little help from an objective outsider to kickstart a project, guide Change, run a Programme Office to keep a clear focus on the strategic goals of a series of projects, or just to provide some skilled bodies and minds to make key deliverables happen.

With a wealth of experience in Change Management and Project Management related to Information we can help your organisation avoid pitfalls, and deliver value faster. Through our Associates and our international network of skilled practitioners, we aim to be able to provide you with the rightHuman Factor to help meet your challenges and seize opportunities.

When it comes to Change, we operate a simple philosophy that effective Change doesn’t always mean overturning the apple cart, but rather finding the significant change points that trigger an Information Evolution that leads to a Knowledge Revolution in your business.

That may be as simple as translating "industry speak" into something that fits your organisation, highlighting an alternative route to the change, or mapping a full Change story and strategy. We aim to bring insights to the table that can trigger the full potential of the Human Factor in your projects and support them through delivery.

Tools and Technology

Castlebridge Associates has partnership links with a number of the world’s leading Information Quality and Data Governance tool providers.

We aim to help our clients adopt the right technologies to support their strategic goals by ensuring they have a clear vision of what  issues they want to address, the gaps that need to be filled, and an objective assessment of the capabilities of the various tools in the market.

Ultimately, while tools and technology are not enough if you don't have the Human Factor addressed, having the right tools and technology to enable people to achieve their goals is an important way organisations can support and sustain the Human Factor and achieve their goals today and into the future.

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