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Advanced 365 - DBIntegrate

DBIntegrate is a complete data integration platform that will help ensure the success of your data quality project. Key features include:

  • Sophisticated de-duplication processes with complete definition of the four phases – Normalisation, Grouping, Matching, Merging
  • Data mapping processes with extensive options for data transformation
  • Extensive built-in processing and matching functions
  • Extensibility, enabling you to define your own custom processing or matching functions

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Ataccama - Data Quality Center

Ataccama Data Quality Center (DQC) provides a consistent, comprehensive tool that will allow you to address the full range of data quality issues—from data cleansing to matching—and prevent incorrect or incomplete data from gaining future entrance into your systems.

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Experian Data Quality

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With best in class verification solutions for addresses, names, emails and phone numbers we are a market leader in the address management space. Our versatile range of data qualification products can be used to verify, cleanse and deduplicate data at both the point of capture and retrospectively for a complete data integrity solution.

Address Capture

Our address verification solution enables you to return a full address quickly and accurately from just a postcode. Address Capture is available as an on premise integration or a cloud-based web service; there are further options to integrate the system into your CRM.

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Address Cleansing

Address Cleansing allows you to complete missing address elements within contact records, correcting spelling errors and recodes postcodes that have changed. The process can either be done in bulk on a desktop or directly in host application with the possibility to append profiling information and suppression datasets.

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Email Validate 

Email validation software quickly verifies that an email address is well formed and active. The real-time software prompts the user to make corrections if an address is mistyped. It can also be applied for batch processing, returning the file back with verification levels and correction suggestions.

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Mobile Validate 

Mobile validation facilitates real-time mobile number validation, confirmation of the consumer's network and the current country of operation. This product can be effortlessly integrated into web forms or deployed as a bulk validation tool.

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Additional Datasets

We have a broad range of datasets, from international to employee site counts that can be used to enhance customer name and address data. These datasets work seamlessly with Experian Data Quality contact data products to append additional data to an address record.

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Data Quality Batch Suite

Used to check customer data quality and cleanse data automatically. Carry out mass cleansing of data  e.g. to clean-up errors which were detected by our DQ Explorer profiling solution or reported by the DQ Monitor.

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Data Quality Real-Time Services

Hearing, reading, typing errors or abbreviations are automatically corrected "on the fly" by error-tolerant access to reference data and are thereby excluded as sources of error. In this case, the Real-Time Services act as a Data Quality Firewall.

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