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Definition: Data Profiling and Data Discovery products provide a range of supporting functions to data quality initiatives such as rule discovery, statistical profiling, relationship discovery, dependency analysis and metadata extraction.

Ataccama Data Quality Center

(DQC) provides a consistent, comprehensive tool that will allow you to address the full range of data quality issues—from data cleansing to matching—and prevent incorrect or incomplete data from gaining future entrance into your systems.

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X88 Pandora

Pandora is a next generation data quality solution that features unique data profiling and data discovery capabilities such as full-volume data profiling, automated relationship discovery across hundreds of systems, global content and metadata search facility, scalability to massive data volumes and a unique data prototyping capability.

"For its architecture (which includes performance), we rate Pandora best in the market." - Bloor Research Data Profiling and Data Discovery Market Update.


Load and Profile Data (in 88 seconds)


Relationship Discovery (in 88 seconds)