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Definition: A Data Quality Platform is classed as having broad-ranging data quality functionality incorporating profiling, validation, rule management, matching, merging, verification, monitoring and issue management.

Ataccama - Data Quality Center

Ataccama Data Quality Center (DQC) provides a consistent, comprehensive tool that will allow you to address the full range of data quality issues—from data cleansing to matching—and prevent incorrect or incomplete data from gaining future entrance into your systems.

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Ataccama Data Quality Center

Ataccama Data Quality Center

X88 Software - X88 Pandora

X88 Pandora enables organisations to set up Data Quality Management processes, from analysis and assessment, through correction, to monitoring, within days. 

It is used on projects such as Data Warehouse, Data Migration, Fraud Detection, Compliance and MDM for tasks including scoping, data inventory, quality dashboards, data integration design and data governance.

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  2. Data Quality Over Time
  3. Rapid Data Quality Rules
  4. Load and Profile Data in 88 Seconds