Welcome to the New Look Data Quality Pro

If you've been coming to Data Quality Pro for some time then you may notice a few changes (to put it mildly).

We've ported to a completely new content management system with the goal of continuing to create the most valuable online resource for anyone looking to achieve success in their Data Quality career, project or business.


What's New on Data Quality Pro "v3"?


The new site makes it far easier to find the content you need to advance specific skills across a diverse range of disciplines. Our old site had powerful content features but we believe this new site makes content discovery considerably easier.

The goal is to make it a pleasurable experience surfing and gathering insights, discovering new technologies, finding specialist expertise and generally tackling the career and project issues that face modern professionals.


What's In?


New Member Zone

We now have a single Member Zone that contains a range of free technology, tutorials, guides, training courses and major event and training discounts.

Expect this to be greatly enhanced over the coming days as we add additional free resources.

To get access to this resource just visit http://www.dataqualitypro.com/member-zone/ and enter the member zone password (if you're a member you will have received this otherwise just register at http://www.dataqualitypro.com/become-a-member/ and you'll receive it within the hour.


We've made it much easier to find the educational resources you need.

Just visit the Archives area and search across a wide range of disciplines, authors, practitioners and industry topics.

More Resourceful Content

Our content strategy moving forward will be to create far more "linked content". For example, if we do a feature on data quality methodologies we'll include references to lots of other resources that relate to that topic such as books, past content, videos and other materials. We want you to have everything at your fingertips.

Supplier Directories

Suppliers are a key part of the Data Quality Pro experience, many of our suppliers regularly provide incredible interviews that impart considerable insights and techniques to readers. Our goal is to make it easier for companies to find these technology and consulting suppliers so that they can more readily resource their technology and staffing requirements.

Check out the Supplier Directory for more details, please note we'll be expanding this section in the coming weeks.

New Expert Journal

All of our content is now in one easily searchable journal.

Just type in the name of your favourite author, topic or book in the search box and see what content appears!

The Expert Journal is where we will post our daily content updates so you only have one place to head for to discover the educational content provided by our hundreds of expert contributors.


What's Out?


Member Profiles - No Longer Mandatory

The big change is member profiles are now an optional extra for contributors and suppliers, they are not accessible to all members as on the previous site.

Note: If you wish to recover personal profile data from the old website it will still be available until March 10th at this address: http://dataqualitypro.site-ym.com

We've done this for 3 reasons:

  • We want members to be able to register in seconds and with minimal fuss, you can now register without the need for a profile but the option exists to create one if you so wish
  • Less time managing 6,000 member profiles means more time devoted to creating great educational content
  • We want to reward and showcase the contributors and suppliers for the incredible time and insights they share on Data Quality Pro, having a searchable profile is our way of repaying your efforts

So if you want to create a professional profile on Data Quality Pro (here is an example for Tom Redman and one for Ataccama ) then simply contact us to discuss your idea for a contribution or how to become a registered supplier.


What Next?


If you want your old data off the previous website simply visit: http://dataqualitypro.site-ym.com before March 10th and you'll be able to do so.

We're still migrating some items off the old website and this will continue for about another week or so but otherwise it's full steam ahead.

We've got some great new features coming on the new platform and of course we remain at your service, contact us to recommend new features and content that will help in your data quality career, project or business.

I'm committed to making Data Quality Pro the most beneficial resource available to individuals and companies looking to master their Data Quality challenges.

I hope you find the new site beneficial and please contact us if you have any questions about the new direction.


Dylan Jones - Community Founder