Tech Briefing: How to Increase Marketing ROI Through Data Quality Management, featuring Uniserv

In this Tech Briefing from Uniserv, David Mead presented the Uniserv Data Management solution with its 4 components that keep customer data clean and profitable for the entire company and for the marketing department in particular.

David spoke about the following Uniserv tools:

  • Data Analyzer - Uniserv's tool to understand the current state of the data
  • Data Cleansing and Data Protection - both instruments to ensure that the customer information one has is clean and reliable
  • Data Governance - the tool which enable companies to be sure that all of the customer data entered into the internal systems is complies to the set high standards

Finally, David closed explaining how these processes enable every company to boost their ROI of marketing campaigns.


For more information about Uniserv please visit or contact presenter David Mead directly: