Modelling for Master Data Management: Expert interview with John Owens

Master Data Management (MDM) has rapidly become one of the most in-demand skills within the data management industry.

One of the core skills that practitioners require to deliver MDM is the ability to construct and manage a variety of data and functional models.

To help members understand the techniques involved I recently interviewed international modelling expert John Owens of Integrated Modeling Method.

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Managing Customer And Supplier Entities On A Logical Model, With John Owens

How do you manage Customer and Supplier entities on a logical model in a way that doesn't lead to data quality issues?

John Owens is a long-time contributor to Data Quality Pro and sits on our expert panel. He is an expert in business and systems modelling, creator of the Integrated Modelling Method and currently lives in New Zealand. 

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Business Systems Modelling: Function Modelling (Tutorial 1) by John Owens

It may come as no surprise to many that when we find defective data we often find poorly designed business functions.

To create long-term data quality health it is imperative that every business understands the functions it should be performing as opposed to the functions and processes it is currently delivering.

Our aim with this tutorial series is to help our readers learn some of the key modelling skills that are typically required for data quality improvement.

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Integrated Modelling Method: An Introduction with John Owens

Integrated Modelling Method: An Introduction with John Owens


In this post we speak to John Owens, the creator of the Integrated Modelling Method (IMM), a framework that combines all the modelling techniques that are so often lacking in organisations that are looking to improve data quality.

We recently caught up with John to find out more about his distinctive approach to modelling and how it can provide benefits to our goals of high quality information.

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