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Tech Briefing: Data Quality for the Business with Diaku Axon

In this tech briefing, we learned how Diaku Axon, a distinctive data governance-driven solution, brings context and understanding of how data quality affects the business by embedding a variety of data governance and data quality related functions within the business itself.

Tech Briefing: How to Increase Marketing ROI Through Data Quality Management, featuring Uniserv

In this Tech Briefing from Uniserv, David Mead presented the Uniserv Data Management solution with its 4 components that keep customer data clean and profitable for the entire company and for the marketing department in particular.

Tech Briefing: Diaku Axon - Data Governance and Knowledge Management Solution

In this tech briefing director Patrick Dewald provides a 30 minute introduction to the data governance approach of Diaku and how Axon helps in a range of governance, compliance and knowledge management scenarios.

Tech Briefing: Everything Location from Loqate - Capture, Clean and Geocode Address Data in the Cloud

In this Technology Briefing Loqate unveil their Everything Location solution, a Cloud based service that is designed to make address cleansing, verification and geocoding affordable and accessible.

Technology Briefing: ECCMA Corporate Dictionary Manager featuring Peter Benson

In this latest episode of our Technology Briefing series we showcase the ECCMA Corporate Dictionary Manager in a presentation by Peter Benson, ECCMA Executive Director and also ISO 8000 Project Leader.

Tech Briefing: X88 Pandora Free Data Profiler
In this tech briefing episode we feature data quality vendor X88 Software and their latest creation, "X88 Pandora Free Data Profiler", a slimmed down version of their full Pandora product that is adopting the "Freemium" approach.
Technology Briefing - iDQ (Instant Data Quality)

Many of you no doubt know of Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen from his excellent Data Quality and MDM blog.

However, did you know he is international partner manager for iDQ - a new solution for managing contact data quality?

Find out more in this Technology Briefing.

Technology Briefing : Loqate Register

Loqate are one of several new recruits to the Data Quality Pro supplier community that have created a cloud based solution to the once traditional activity of address verification, validation and geocoding.

Geoff Roach of Loqate was a recent guest on one of our technology briefing sessions and explained the new features in Loqate Register, their latest technology release.

Data Quality Technology Interview: Tony Rodriguez of X88 Software

As part of a series focusing on the latest innovations in data quality technology, we recently interviewed the CTO of X88 Software, Tony Rodriguez.

The X88 team are based in the UK and provide software that focuses on three main areas of data management functionality: data profiling/discovery, data integration and data governance.

Data Quality Technology Interview: ClavisTechnology

A relatively young company that has created something of a stir with their approach to data quality governance message and SaaS delivery model is Clavis Technology, who have their headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

To find out more we recently spoke with their CEO Garry Moroney, someone who is no stranger to the data quality technology sector.

Supplier News
Uniserv Host Brussels Business Breakfast - 'How to make customer data, your key asset, work for you', March 13th 9am-11am

You might know this problem: Most of the companies with a large amount of customers aren’t able to have all information about each customer at a glance. Failing to do that, you miss a tailored communication to your customers. 

Ataccama extends its focus towards Big Data with Data Integration & Processing Platform for Hadoop

December, 2013 — After announcing support for Hadoop in Ataccama market-proven Data Quality Center (DQC) earlier this year, Ataccama Corporation extends its Big Data focus with Ataccama Data Integration and Processing Platform for Hadoop.

Strengthening its position globally, BackOffice Associates®, the worldwide leader in information governance and data migration solutions, today announced it has acquired ENTOTA Limited, the largest SAP Data Services consultancy in EMEA

TORONTO, Ontario, Nov. 13, 2013 -- InfoTrellis Inc., a leading provider of Big Data and MDM solutions and services, announced today the most recent version of their report and dashboard driven Master Data Management governance tool. MDM Veriscope, which originally launched in 2011, is the company’s solution to the demand of clients for greater transparency and reporting capabilities from their MDM Hub. The tool provides metrics for both business and IT users of the hub with a focus on measuring data quality trends and operational trends.

Reference Data Solution Listpoint Named  "Cool Vendor" by Leading Analyst Firm Gartner

Listpoint, the open platform for managing reference data, today announces that it has been included in the list of "Cool Vendors" in the new Information Governance and Master Data Management report by Gartner Inc.

InfoTrellis Releases MDM Veriscope v3.0: New Intuitive Dashboards for MDM Hub Governance and Improved Business Impact

TORONTO, Ontario, Apr. 22 -- InfoTrellis Inc., a leading provider of Big Data and MDM solutions and services, announced today the most recent version of their report and dashboard driven Master Data Management governance tool - MDM Veriscope 3.0.

A new survey has been commissioned to help companies benchmark their MDM Hub performance against the rest of the industry.

Melissa Data, a leading provider of contact data quality and address management solutions, today announced the availability of its Global Data Quality Suite to deliver accurate, current, and consistent contact data for more than 240 countries and territories.

Listpoint Release First Benchmark Survey of Open Data Understanding Across UK Public Sector Published
UK Government’s ambitions to create new jobs, reduce expenditure and improve public services are being held back by low levels of understanding amongst public servants of the value of open data, according to the first benchmark of open data understanding across the public sector.

Melissa Data, a leading provider of contact data quality and direct marketing solutions, today announced integrated data quality tools for Oracle -- a significant advance for database administrators (DBAs) building data quality rules in procedural language SQL (PL/SQL).

Ataccama Releases Version 8.0 of Its Integrated Software Platform

Ataccama Corporation announced today general availability (GA) and immediate shipment of version 8.0 of its integrated platform of Data Quality and Master Data Management software.

Experian QAS: UK businesses risk losing customers as they struggle with Single Customer View
Experian, the global information services company, today published research revealing that while 72 per cent of UK companies see the competitive advantage in using data and insight to put the customer at the heart of the business, just 29 per cent have plans to adopt a single customer view (SCV) strategy to make this happen. This is in stark contrast to the fact that 84 per cent of consumers threaten to take their custom elsewhere if they experience poor customer service and engagement.
Experian research reveals that UK businesses in danger of missing out on mobile commerce boom

Findings from an international survey released by Experian, the global information services company, today suggest that a significant proportion of UK businesses have yet to wake up to the potential of m-commerce and the importance of maintaining accurate mobile data. The survey clearly demonstrates a mobile malaise, with just eight per cent of organisations including mobile data in their wider data strategies.

Melissa Data and Loqate Partner to Deliver International Address Verification and Geocoding
Loqate Inc., the definitive source of everything location, today announced that Melissa Data will now deliver Global Address Verification based on The Loqate Engine. Melissa Data is now shipping address verification and geocoding for over 240 countries through its various services ranging from applications installed at customer sites, the cloud, or as a service. The combination of Loqate and Melissa Data solutions enables users to gain a single, accurate, and trusted view of critical information assets.
Loqate Delivers Advanced Technology for Global Address Search, Verification, and Geocoding

Loqate Inc., the definitive source of everything location, today announced that it has shipped the 2012 Q2.0 release of The Loqate Engine to customers and OEMs. This release includes new query and search capabilities, strengthened parsing, new country identification functions, and enhanced transliteration and formatting for addresses in over 240 countries.

With ever increasing business demands and pressures from compliance regulations, financial institutions are pressured to make more effective use of their company data. With multiple departments maintaining siloed information, accurately meeting compliance reporting and analytical requirements proves difficult.

Loqate Address Verification and Geocoding Extends DataMentors Data Quality and Database Marketing Solutions

Loqate Inc., the definitive source of everything location, today announced that DataMentors has integrated The Loqate Engine to provide global address verification in DataFuse, DataMentors' award-winning data quality and integration solution. DataMentors is now shipping DataFuse Loqate components. The combination of Loqate and DataMentors technology and services ensures that customer information remains accurate and current to effectively drive all business decisions and processes.

Melissa Data's Contact Zone Available Now / Unique Console Enables Quick, Easy Data Quality Mana
Melissa Data, a leading provider of contact data quality and integration solutions, today announced availability of Contact Zone, its open source data integration software optimized for sophisticated contact data quality. Contact Zone's uniquely simple approach to data quality incorporates a streamlined graphical user interface enabling data transformations mapped from any type of source database to any type of data warehouse.
GB Group buy out UK data quality vendor Capscan for £11.2m
GB Group have been busy this year. With 3 acquisitions in the last 6 months, their quest to become market leader in Identity Management in the UK and internationally rolls on with the news of their acquisition of data quality technology vendor Capscan.