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The following resources are provided by the Data Quality Pro suppliers and sponsors to help our readers extend their knowledge in disciplines such as Data Quality, Data Governance and MDM.

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Data Quality

White Paper : How to Protect Your Data - Practical Ideas to Help Organizations Comply with Data Protection Legislation

Learn how to ensure your organization is complying with data protection legislation whilst increasing customer satisfaction. Written in collaboration with Daragh O Brien, managing director of Castlebridge Associates and a recognised data protection expert.

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Advice for Ensuring High Quality Data Through Business Relevancy

BackOffice’s first infographic illustrates the financial, business process and security stakes of getting data quality right.

To help enterprises maximize the value and unlock the power of their data, BackOffice Associates emphasizes that accuracy is not synonymous with relevancy.

While accuracy reflects data that satisfies field requirements such as entering a business address, relevancy refers to confirming that the information is correct and appropriate for business use.

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