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We provide data management consulting services and design applications and data quality rule books to integrate with leading data quality tools.

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We are a specialist UK technology and consulting business that specialise in developing data quality rules for the Financial Services industry.

Our rules are designed so that you can implement them into most leading data quality tools. However, we also implement them as a package into X88 so that you can buy a solution off the shelf to meet your data quality needs.

Consulting Services

Our area of specialism is in the delivery of remote data quality consultancy. 

We can run your data quality and validation functions, logging onto data quality tools loaded onto your network so that your data never leaves your business. We perform data validation using our data quality rules books, KPIs and dashboards. 

Outsourcing your data quality needs means we are cheaper, don't need desk spaces and can work any hours necessary to deliver an exceptional service for our clients.

As well as data quality rule management we also support data profiling, data discovery, data matching, data trasformations, data standardisation and data cleansing.

Data Quality Rule Books

We recognise that designing and building data quality rules is an expensive and time consuming task in its own right.

Furthermore, mapping your rules to the regulatory dimensions of data quality: Completeness, Appropriateness and Accuracy can sometimes feel like a black art so we do this for you.

Operating in this manner enables you to get maximum return on you investment in data quality solutions and create metrics and dashboards much more efficiently.  

Our industry rule book will help you:

  • Significantly reduce timescales for regulatory data management compliance initiatives.
  • Improve enterprise data quality through a common set of rules used across the industry.
  • Introduce a common language for data quality professionals in the FS industry.
  • Provide internal and external benchmarking of data quality.
  • Improve data quality software vendor products.

Wayne Wiggins
DQ Rule Books LTD
The Carlson Suite
GL17 0DD
Telephone: 07727 612416
Email: enquiries@dqrulebooks.com