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Supplier Profile - Infosolve Technologies

Infosolve Technologies is a data solutions company exclusively focused on enterprise Data Quality (DQ), Data Matching, Customer Data Integration (CDI), Master Data Management (MDM), Data Conversions, and Data Migrations.

Infosolve's business model and data services platform are unique in the industry allowing us to offer innovative "Zero-Based" Data Solutions:

  • Zero Software License Costs
  • Zero Upfront Hardware Costs
  • Zero Defect Data(TM)

Infosolve Products

OpenDQ™ Version 2.0

Are data quality issues in your structured and unstructured data impacting your business’s profitability?

The industry’s first fully integrated comprehensive zero license cost enterprise Data Quality solution will maximize your business’s growth.


Imagine harnessing the power of all of your data with a proactive data quality solution that addresses existing data quality issues and provides monitoring of data to prevent future issues.

Stop imagining - OpenDQ™ V2.0 from Infosolve Technologies can provide your organization with the industry’s first data quality product to integrate structured and unstructured data quality processes. OpenDQ™ V2.0 enables companies to utilize all of their enterprise data with clarity, consistency and correctness with the industry’s most advanced data quality solution.

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Does customer data with multiple identities restrict your mission critical business initiatives?

Data quality issues and data integration issues may be causing incomplete and repetitive views of your customer data, impacting your business’s ability to have a single view of your customer data to determine key trends and patterns.

With the Infosolve Technologies innovative OpenCDI solution you can gain comprehensive and immediate insight into your customer data. OpenCDI is built on Infosolve’s innovative Zero Based solution platform offering maximum flexibility with open source technology and high ROI. Infosolve’s team of experts will customize the OpenCDI solution to assure that all your business objectives are achieved with no extra costs for software.

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OpenCDI - Click to enlarge

Cloud/Grid Solutions

Do you wish that you could access all the computing power you need when you need it without costly hardware and software investments?

Infosolve Technology Framework - Click to enlarge

You Can!...With Infosolve Technologies innovative custom Cloud/Grid Solutions. Infosolve Technologies can  provide you Data quality solutions powered by the industry leading Cloud/Grid Technology that provides maximum flexibility, scalability and reliability in a cost effective model.

This solution is developed on an open source platform and addresses the key issue of utilization with a pay per use model—allowing your organization immediate access to the computing utility you need, when you need it, with a consistent price.

Infosolve Technologies utilizes this technology solution to power many of its process intensive solutions, offering our clients highly flexible options, that can respond immediately to performance and scalability needs while maximizing their ROI. All with no licenses, term commitments, hardware, software  or physical space requirements!

It’s the Power of Zero Based Data solutions meeting your business computing needs immediately and within your budget!

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Corporate Headquarters

Infosolve Technologies, Inc.
4365 US HWY 1
Suite 102
NJ  08540, USA



Toll Free :  1-877-576-1957
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Fax  : 1-732-875-0853



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