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Listpoint is the open platform for all developers, data publishers and integrators who use code lists in order to build apps, maintain data standards or to build interoperability between multiple data sources.

The first platform that helps you find, collaborate, coordinate and join code lists together to make sense of competing standards across the many diverse software applications, industries and country standards that exist.

Using award-winning tools, you can now organise and validate your entire code list inventory in one useful, trusted and secure environment, instantly improving the quality, usability and integrity of this critical piece of the data jigsaw.

Reference Data as a Service

Learn more about the Listpoint Reference Data as a Service Offering, click on this link to download a fact sheet.

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About Listpoint

Listpoint is a global code list management platform where you can publish, manage, validate and distribute code lists either as public for open re-use or for private projects and industry. 

Listpoint helps to create common data standards across multiple systems, organisations and communities, by embracing all standards and providing the means to join them together. 

Listpoint’s unique combination of services sets it apart from anything else on the market and the service is set up to allow any user to benefit from the improving underlying reference data quality.

With more than 20,000 code lists currently on the system, it is the trusted global repository for code list reference data.

Contact us

Listpoint 4th Floor, 125 Wood Street London, EC2V 7AN
Tel: 0207 378 3752 Email:

For technical queries please contact the Listpoint Helpdesk:
Tel: 0845 603 3806 Email: