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Definition: This specialist class of product is used to monitor and report on the performance and quality of an existing MDM initiative. These products complement existing MDM products. 

infoTrellis ROM (Reporting/Operational Monitoring)

Successful Master Data Management (MDM) programs require a continuous understanding of the master data and how it is being used across the enterprise. In other words, they require certain insights and metrics to support Master Data Governance.

Many vendor MDM products come with some reporting capabilities but they are limited and often come with warnings in their use as they may negatively impact the operations of the MDM hub in a real-time operational environment. This has left a big gap in the MDM space.

InfoTrellis Reporting and Operational Monitoring (ROM) addresses this gap. It is a first-of-a-kind product built by a team with over a decade of MDM implementation experience and that were the original architects and developers of the first market leading MDM product.

MDM Veriscope - Click image to enlarge

MDM Veriscope - Click image to enlarge