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Navesink Consulting Group

Expert consulting, coaching and education services from the pioneering practitioner and author of the data quality discipline, Dr. Thomas C.Redman.


Your company's data has the potential to add enormous value to every facet of the organization -- from marketing and new product development to strategy and financial management. 

Yet if your company is like most, it's not using its data to create a strategic advantage

Data sits around unused -- and incorrect data fouls up operations and decision-making.  

Crafting and executing a data program is extremely tricky. This is where Navesink Consulting Group comes in.

We help organizations:

  1. Understand their data and the ways it can add enormous value
  2. Understand options for their data and think through how it can best be used
  3. Craft data and data quality programs based on a businesses specific needs
  4. Coach them in execution

Dr. Thomas C.Redman, Founder of Navesink Consulting Group

Dr. Thomas C.Redman, Founder of Navesink Consulting Group

Tom Redman (aka the "Data Doc") helps companies "think through" data quality. 

First he helps them understand competing approaches to addressing the problems and opportunities, understand organizational and other implications, and craft a program best suited to their circumstances. 

He helps build strong organizations by helping them complete initial improvement projects and by training people at all levels.

Tom is one of the earliest pioneers of the data quality profession and has authored three publications which have helped countless thousands of organisations on the road to data quality maturity.

His latest book: Data Driven: Profiting from Your Most Important Business Asset, Harvard Business Press is the first completely business oriented book on data.  It was a Library Journal  Best Buy of 2008.

Tom was the first winner of the IAIDQ "Distinguished Member Award," 2011 and received an MIT Award for Outstanding Contributions to Information Quality, 2011.

More about Tom Redman

Advisory Services

We bring dozens of roadmaps, toolkits, workshops, and educational experiences (see below)  that we mix and match as we help our clients think through their data and data quality futures. 

Four highlights: 

  • Data Quality Program Review:  establishes “the cold, brutal reality” and calls out what is needed to “get to the next level.”
  • Leadership (Chief Data Officer) Roadmap:  helps leaders understand the data landscape, understand their options, set high-level targets, and scope out the organizational capabilities they’ll need to develop.
  • Measurement Toolkit:  we have a particular “knack” for helping companies make simple measurements that make their situations with respect to data quality crystal clear.
  • Data Supplier Roadmap:  the proven approach for obtaining better data at lower total cost from suppliers (both internal and external).


Our “data maestro program” provides data professionals with the full-range of workshops, directed independent study, and on-the experiences they need to assume leadership roles in data and data quality.   

It is a demanding program, only offered under the sponsorship of a very senior leader.

We also offer a full-range of “workshop style courses,” usually in support of advisory services, but which are proving themselves as content for company courses (see, for example, source material for company “events,” and as stand-alones.    

Here’s an example, a five-day course of study for all levels:


  • DQ101: Data and Data Quality:  The Big Picture*
  • DQ102a:  Quality Means Customer Satisfaction
  • DQ102b:  Conducting a Customer Needs Workshop
  • DQ103:  All Work is Part of a Process
  • DQ104a:  The Data Quality Measurement Framework and Process
  • “In Your Work” Discussion


  • DQ104b:  Data Quality Measurement Case Studies
  • DQ105a:  An Overview of the Quality Improvement Cycle
  • DQ105b:  The Quality Improvement Cycle in Practice
  • DQ106a:  Defining and Implementing Data Quality Controls
  • DQ106b:  Statistical process control for Data Quality
  • “In Your Work” Discussion


  • DQ201:  The Big Picture:  What Every Manager Needs to Know About Data Quality
  • DQ301a:  The Fundamental Organizational Unit for Data Quality
  • DQ331:  Managerial Accountabilities for Data Quality (an overview)
  • DQ202:  The Process Management Cycle
  • DQ203:  The Supplier Management Cycle
  • “In Your Work” Discussion


  • DQ211:  Addressing Social Issues in Data Quality
  • DQ221a:  Building the Business Case for Data Quality, part 1 Non-Value-Added Work
  • DQ222b:  Building the Business Case for Data Quality, part 2 Competitive Position
  • DQ231:  MetaData Management and Data Quality
  • DA311:  What ‘Manage Data Assets’ Really Means
  • “In Your Work” Discussion


  • DQ271:  What Every Senior Leader Needs to Know About Data
  • DQ272:  Senior Management’s Responsibilities for Data Quality
  • DQ301a:  The Fundamental Organizational Unit for Data Quality
  • DQ301c:  The Federated Organization for Data Quality
  • DQ322:  Preparing Yourself to Lead the Data Program
  • “In Your Work” Discussion

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