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At Atheon Analytics we use visual analytic tools, techniques and training to reduce complexity, simplify concepts and break down the barriers between you and your data.

Atheon Analytics creates an interactive view of your data world – collecting, crunching and visualizing your data for you - enabling you to see patterns, explore trends and understand the insight living in your data like never before.

Introducing DataSatellite™

Our technology platform, DataSatellite™, turns numbers into pictures, bringing to life important patterns that reveal a true picture of your business. Insight is suddenly accessible and engaging to everyone – anyone can analyse and interact with it, understand it and use it to improve their performance.

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Contact Us

Our offices are located on the technology park at Cranfield University, 45 miles north of London. You can write to us there:

Atheon Analytics Ltd
Cranfield Innovation Centre
Cranfield University
University Way
MK43 0BT

or call us during business hours on: +44 (0)8444 145501

or via our website:


Contributions on Data Quality Pro

Clive Humby Interview: Big Data in the Retail Sector

In this interview with Data Quality Pro at the recent Visual Retail Analytics forum hosted by Atheon Analytics, Clive Humby covers topics including the sectors benefiting most from Big Data, the issues surrounding individual data privacy, access to governmental data, changing retail business models and how retailers are working with Big Data today.

Data Visualisation Techniques for Improved Data Quality, Guy Cuthbert, Atheon Analytics

This presentation features renowned data analytics experts Guy Cuthbert and Ian Hall from Atheon Analytics

Following a presentation on the theory behind data visualisation, Guy and Ian provided an engaging, practical account of how they discover serious defects using advanced analytics techniques.