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Reference Data Management and Distribution

Definition: This specialist class of products provide a corporate reference data management service, mastering and synchronising reference data across the organisation.

Ataccama - Reference Data Manager (RDM)

Ataccama’s Reference Data Manager (RDM) enables you to maintain a consistent representation of reference data across all departments and databases in your organization.

This user friendly web-based application provides the flexibility and workflow functionality needed to create a company-wide reference data environment that is not only secure and powerful, but easy to use as well.

And, of course, RDM is part of our proven family of products, forming the basis of a complete data quality, data governance or master data management solution.

RDM Product Page | Product Fact Sheet | Ataccama Website 

Ataccama RDM - Click to enlarge

RDM allows collaboration between IT and business users to manage all of an organization’s important internal data in one centralized place and to facilitate the distribution of changes in data to all systems requiring notification, on customized terms and schedules.


Listpoint is the open platform for all developers, data publishers and integrators who use code lists in order to build apps, maintain data standards or to build interoperability between multiple data sources.

The first platform that helps you find, collaborate, coordinate and join code lists together to make sense of competing standards across the many diverse software applications, industries and country standards that exist.

Using award-winning tools, you can now organise and validate your entire code list inventory in one useful, trusted and secure environment, instantly improving the quality, usability and integrity of this critical piece of the data jigsaw.