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Experian Data Quality


Experian Data Quality is a division of Experian Ltd that provides data quality solutions through a unique combination of software, data and services to solve a variety of data management challenges.

Whether your organisation is actively trying to improve customer service, unlock operational efficiencies of simply deliver data regulated projects with less risk of failing to meet business expectations. Experian Data Quality has a suite of data quality products and services that can be tailored to meet your organisations requirements – we understand that no two organisations are the same.

We invest in technology that bring you award-winning solutions and expert customer support. Our products have been developed and certified for use within leading applications such as Microsoft®, Oracle®, Salesforce.com, SAP and Siebel.

Data Quality Platform

The Experian Data Quality Platform is an innovative software tool that processes information intelligently with a view to accelerating all data related projects. This tool enables your organisation to detect, analyse, resolve and manage your data quality in a fast and effective way – making manual data profiling a thing of the past.

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Address Capture

Our address verification solution allows you to return a full address quickly from simply a postcode. Address Capture is available as an on premise integration or a cloud-based web service, as well as the options to integrate the system into your CRM.

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Address Cleansing

Address cleansing completes missing elements within contact records, corrects spelling errors and recodes postcodes that have changed. The process can either be done in bulk on a desktop or directly in host application with the option to append profiling information and suppression datasets.

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Email Validate

Email validation software which ensures that an email address is well formed and active. In real-time the software prompts user to make corrections if address is mistyped. It can also be utilised for batch processing, returning the file back with verification levels and correction suggestions.

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Mobile Validate

Our mobile validation tool enables real-time mobile number validation, confirmation of the consumer's network and the current country of operation. This product can be seamlessly integrated into web forms or deployed as a bulk validation tool.

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Additional Datasets

We have an extensive range of datasets that will enhance customer name and address data. These datasets work seamlessly within Experian Data Quality contact data products to append additional data to an address record.

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Our Professional Services team are also here to help your organisation get sound advice and support when undertaking data related projects whilst accelerating timescales and improving success rates. Our team can assist you by providing the following tailored services:

  • Data Governance 
  • Data Migration
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Services
  • Product Implementation
  • Product Training and Acceleration
  • Single Customer View

For sales information or a free software trial please call 0800 197 7920 or please email us at dataquality@qas.com

Thank you for your interest in Experian Data Quality your enquiry is important to us and we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

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