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Experian QAS is a division of Experian PLC that provides Data Management solutions through a unique combination of software, data and services to solve a variety of data management challenges. 

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Whether your organisation is actively trying to improve customer service, unlock operational efficiencies or simply deliver data relegated projects with less risk of failing to meet business expectations - Experian QAS have a suite of data management products and services that can be tailored to meet your organisations requirements – we understand that no two organisations are the same.

We invest in technology to bring you award-winning solutions and expert customer support. Our products have been developed and certified for use within leading applications from organisations such as Microsoft®, Oracle®, PeopleSoft®, SAP and Siebel.

Data Management Platform

The Experian Data Management Platform is an innovative software tool that processes information intelligently with a view to accelerating all data related projects. This tool enables your organisation to understand, transform and manage your data quality in a fast and effective way - making manual data profiling a thing of the past.


QAS Pro ensures effective address management. Consumer or business name and address data is found and captured accurately at source. Reducing inaccuracies associated with manual address entry, saving time and money for your organisation as well as improving your customer service.

QAS Pro Web

QAS Pro Web enables users to search, find and enter full addresses online, or into browser based applications, quickly and easily. QAS Pro Web improves efficiencies, your website vistors' experience and the quality of your customer data.

QAS Batch With Suppression

QAS Batch with Suppression removes those in your database who have died or moved house. Customer address management reduces costs, aids compliance with the Data Protection Act, and maintains brand and data integrity.

QAS Email Validate

QAS Email Validate allows for confidence in the accuracy of your email capture. Point of capture email address management and validation is crucial in a time where email marketing is on the rise.

QAS Mobile Validate

QAS Mobile Validate conducts real-time checks that validate mobile phone numbers either at the point of capture or in an existing database. QAS Mobile Validate helps organizations conduct effective mobile marketing via SMS and LBS (Location Based Services) and helps to minimise false online registrations of mobile numbers.

QAS Unify

QAS Unify is the de-duplication tool which allows you to retrospectively remove duplicate records in bulk from your database. It also removes the issue of duplicate records by preventing them entering your system. QAS Unify compares contact data with all existing records as it is entered into your database. Any similar matches are returned to ensure duplicates are not added.

QAS Pro On Demand

QAS Pro On Demand is powered by our industry leading QAS Pro Web technology alongside international addressing data from over 160 countries and territories and enhanced with additional data such as business and consumer information, grid references and geodemographic profiling data.

Additional Data Sets

Our Professional Services team are also here to help your organisation get sound advice and support when undertaking data related projects whilst accelerating timescales and improving success rates. Our team can assist you by providing the following tailored services:

  • Data Governance 
  • Data Migration
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Services
  • Product Implementation
  • Product Training and Accreditation

Thank you for your interest in Experian QAS - your enquiry is important to us.

For sales information or a free software trial, call 0800 197 7920 or 0207 819 5760

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Introduction to the Open Data User Group (UK), featuring Paul Malyon of Experian QAS

Back in July 2012 the first meeting of the UK Open Data User Group (ODUG) was held.

The ODUG has been created in order to advise the Government on what public sector data it believes will have the greatest economic and social benefits for the UK and should therefore be released as open data.

I recently caught up with one of our expert panel members, Paul Malyon of Experian QAS, to find out more. Paul is one of 13 members of the ODUG, lead by Heather Savory.

What is AddressBase And How Will It Improve Address Data Quality?

AddressBase ® is changing the way companies manage their customer address data but what is AddressBase ®? How does it differ to PAF? What are the advantages of adopting this new system?

Paul Malyon of Experian QAS provides the answers.