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Supplier Profile - Rever

Rever brings model driven data engineering solutions to companies 

  • to build the data models for new applications
  • to rebuild the data models from existing applications
  • to use data models in order to understand, improve and make information systems evolve

REVER works with IT companies and integrators as a technology partner, to deliver solutions to medium and large organisations.

Our international development strategy is based on the following 5 solutions :

  • Database migration & merge
  • Data migration and merge
  • Data quality
  • Data rules, structures and model discovery
  • Business entity extraction platform
  • Data access architecture (SOA)

We are actively looking for new partners in the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany.

Learn more about REVER from this Bloor Research InDetail report created by independent industry analyst Philip Howard


"...the use of REVER should mean that the task is completed faster, with less expense and with greater assurance about the quality of the migration..."
Philip Howard, Bloor Research

Our Solutions


This solution offers comprehensive test data management capabilities for creating right-sized, fictionalized & anonymized test databases that accurately reflect end-to-end business processes. The tools help users eliminate costly cloning processes and correct defects early in the development process, when they are cheapest and easiest to fix. These solutions are designed to scale and meet growing testing requirements across applications and databases. The data anonymization capabilities obscure sensitive data effectively across nonproduction environments, while still providing meaningful data for use in development, testing or training. By anonymizing confidential data, organizations can protect privacy.

Data Quality

How can REVER help you measure and improve your data quality?

  • By measuring the database compliancy with the data model (obtained by remodelling).
  • By providing tools for all types of databases: flat files, hierarchical (IMS), network (IDS2), relational, XML ...
  • By allowing measurements on a dedicated and independent engine
  • By a progressive process depending on the intervention level
  • By allowing new data rules addition into the data model, allowing thus a data quality improvement process.
  • By automating to a maximum the process

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Database Migration

How will the REVER lower your costs, risks and delivery time?

  • By an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of all technical elements ( DDL, BD, JCL, programs)
  • By a "phasing" of the migration process without freezing the applications
  • By allowing the application programs to remain some time on the source computer even if the database is already migrated into the target one.
  • By allowing a detailed re-documentation of existing applications and a complete data rules recovery
  • By allowing compliancy between the semantic concepts used in the source and target databases
  • By providing post migration data coherence thanks to a data "down load - reload" process according to a business logic
  • By allowing a data quality control before migration into target database
  • By generating a native target base (without technical columns simulating the source database functionalities

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Data Migration

REVER methodology and tools will allow you to :

  • Compare the concepts and definition of the two semantics schemas ( semantic/business level)
  • Compare the databases structures implementation of the logical schemas ( logical level )
  • Compare the data value of the two databases ( physical level )
  • Check data quality of both databases
  • Define "mapping rules", to map the two databases together
  • Generate automatically programs to move, transform and load the data
  • Generate automatically programs to validate the exhaustivity and consistancy of the migrated data
  • Identify the programs presenting higher risks and must be tested in detail.

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Data Rules/Model Discovery

REVER tools and methods will model your IS system and recover  data rules:

  • By the use of analysis robots (for  DDL, programs, JCL and data)
  • By allowing existing application modelling
  • By allowing  database comparison and consolidation
  • By automated programs analysis even when they are using different layers with different languages

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Business Entity Extraction

How can REVER extract business entity, e.g. to build a coherent test set:

  • By using data models describing the business logic.
  • By achieving data extraction according to the data rules defined in the model.
  • By allowing a minimal data extraction which is sufficient to test an application and so, decrease delivery time and costs.
  • By anonymisation of all sensible data
  • By a test data generation according to specific criteria's when data does not exist yet.
  • By building up a file containing all records in relation with a customer or a contract for archiving purposes.
  • By using a maximal automation.

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Data Access Architecture

How REVER is helping to manage data access:

  • Identification of  "data/ programs" dependencies.
  • Definition of data access modalities (business modules ...).
  • Automated generation of data access modules and data coherence rules.
  • Automatic generation of documentation.
  • Isolation of the processing from the data accesses (SOA).
  • Automated maintenance.
  • Uniqueness of data access and data rules.
  • Simultaneous access to several databases.
  • Optimisation of data access performances.

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5000 - Namur
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If you want to contact us directly, please call : 

General Manager : Dominique Orban de Xivry

Sales Manager : Philippe Claeys -
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