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Successful data migration, clearly understandable analysis results, personalised customer approach: probably not possible with your company data? 

Then it is high time for Uniserv Product Data Analyzer, Data Cleansing, Data Protection and Data Governance.

To get the most out of your data, you must understand, maintain, protect and monitor it throughout its' entire lifecycle. Uniserv offers a unique portfolio for dealing with all the tasks necessary, with a combination of powerful tools, experienced consultants and proven methods.

Data Analyzer, Data Cleansing, Data Protection and Data Governance merge into your IT structure and fulfil your demands precisely. They ensure that your data is always capable of meeting the most stringent demands of business, whilst at the same time minimising the risks of any data management projects.

When optimising your business partner data, our foremost priority is to provide results with the highest quality level, and the best possible performance. We analyse, structure and standardise the data, match address components with reference data, correct any discrepancies found, or pass them on with supplemental information added. Uniserv Identity Resolution identifies similar datasets and avoids redundant information being stored. Tailor-made data quality is always of utmost importance.

The results for you: Optimal quality and lower costs – in other words: "Better Data - Better Business!"


Our Product Concept: Clear and Simple

Our target is to maintain the quality of your main data at the highest level during its entire life cycle.

The Uniserv portfolio contains products covering the entire data quality cycle; from the analysis of data stocks and initial cleansing, to the implementation of a data quality firewall in applications to hinder contamination of running data, and on to continuous monitoring of the data quality level of your defined data quality standards.

Data Analyzer - Light in the Dark

ata Analyzer is a data profiling tool that enables you to interactively (on the fly) make comprehensible and reliable evaluations of the substance and quality of large quantities of data.

A wide range of supplemental information can also be enriched with user-defined rules and metrics.

With the intuitive operative methods in the fields of Drilldown, Segmentation and Filtering you can quickly address your concentration to the "odd" items in your data and use this valuable knowledge base for taking further measures or changing priorities in your data quality management.

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Data Cleansing - Data Quality Instead of Data Chaos

ata has the highest quality level when the user can perform the task assigned without any delay or errors (principle of "Data is Fit for Use“).

Data Cleansing provides everything you need for performing all identified data quality measures; whether it is the extraction of the necessary data from the source system through native connectors, cleansing of postal data, enrichment of supplementary information, or complex consolidation (i.e. identification) of possible duplicates.  With Data Cleansing you can cleanse your data stocks either according to your own rules or by referring to a wide range of Best-Practice settings.

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Data Protection - Sustainable Quality

nce a certain level of data quality has been reached, it is a matter of maintaining this condition over a long period. The implementation of a DQ firewall is the correct approach here.

Data Protection provides you with a comprehensive solution for realising all DQ-relevant checks of new entries or changes made to the main datasets in your system. Audio, writing and/or typing mistakes are registered immediately whilst the dataset is being created, corrected or otherwise dealt with. You can protect your systems from renewed data contamination in everyday business professionally and according to your own individual needs and requirements. 

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Data Governance - Everything in View

Monitoring enables you to continually supervise the measures already implemented during normal running operation and control any newly incorporated processes. Data Quality is monitored here based upon the rules set, and the results recorded in an appropriate report. If the data quality level depreciates, you can promptly take the necessary action to return it to the high level required.

With the aid of our Data Quality Scorecard you can generate a KPI for the data quality level of your company. The rules for the measurement are represented and documented transparently. Data quality is firmly anchored in the company strategy.

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The Customer Data Hub

Improve efficiency in marketing campaigns and make communication to your customers more personal with the single customer view form Uniserv.

The single customer view, enabled with the Customer Data Hub from Uniserv makes better use of existing customer data so your can offer your customer a personal approach which will lead to a higher customer satisfaction and more customer loyalty.

The Customer Data Hub from Uniserv extracts and consolidates customer master data from a wide range of heterogeneous data sources. Before integrating the information from these various sources into the Customer Data Hub, Uniserv's data quality tools will have already ensured that all the data is clean, structured and up-to-date. This means that the data quality mechanism is active immediately during initial data collection, and that the consistency of customer data from every source of data is guaranteed. External data (such as from purchases or from data suppliers) can be imported cleanly, simply and quickly.

Thanks to identity resolution, you avoid redundancies within your data storage arrangement and can determine the unique identity of your customer throughout all processes and systems. This qualitative optimised data can be consolidated to a Golden Record, i.e. Single Point of Truth (SpoT). This enables to get a sigle view on each of your customers. Individual sets of rules enable leading datasets to be automatically processed and supplemented. Synchronisation of the golden record with the source systems is also possible as required.

The MDM solution from Uniserv means that exhaustive programming, plus the time needed for adaptation, as well as the time-consuming software maintenance usually required, are all now outdated. Uniserv's Customer Data Hub requires neither a complex integration project, nor any change of currently existing data models. Based upon the principles of lean integration, this approach enables fast presentation of the first, operatively pertinent results and gradual incorporation of further customer data domains into your MDM solution. This reduces costs, whilst at the same time keeping the project itself lean and the project risk calculable. The rapid implementation of the MDM solution with its high scalability, plus our targeted behaviour with the data, enables tangible additional value to be evident after just three months. Your positive return on investment (ROI) will soon be evident.

Key benefits:

  • Improved customer engagement
  • Integration of various systems
  • Enhanced brand experience
  • Extended customer life-time
  • Knowledge of who your True Customer is
  • A 360° customer view
  • Rapid return on investment
  • A lean, cost optimised solution: fast implementation
  • A holistic and reliable data quality concept with support for operational data governance
  • Increased turnover from improved cross- and up-selling,
  • Compliance with national and international guidelines


Technological Availability

Uniserv recognise that every organisation has its own requirements for deploying and accessing the many functions provided across our Data Quality software. To help you we've developed several deployment approaches to cover all scenarios.


Do you have to analyse, monitor and cleanse large quantities of data on a regular basis? If so, Data Quality installed as software would be the better choice for you.


Is your data volume smaller, or do you deal mostly with ad-hoc tasks and would prefer not to have software installed at the moment? Then cleanse your data in the Cloud. Your advantage: You pay only for actual use!

Hybrid Model

Take advantage of both worlds: With the Uniserv Hybrid model you can combine your existing on-premises solution with individual on-demand services.

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