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Pandora combines market-leading Data Profiling and Discovery with ground-breaking Data Integration Prototyping and Data Quality Dashboards to provide a single, collaborative Data Management platform.

X88 Pandora enables you to understand, transform and manage the quality of your data more easily and quickly than any other product or manual approach. 

Pandora is a self-contained, high-performance, multi-user application that can reduce the risk and timescales of your data-related projects by 80%.

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About X88 Pandora

Pandora is an innovative Data Management software product which is allowing enterprises to reduce delivery times on data-dependent projects by as much as 80% while providing higher quality results.

It is used on projects such as Data Warehouse, Data Migration, Compliance and MDM for tasks including scoping, data inventory, quality dashboards, data integration design and data governance.

Pandora removes the risk and reduces the delivery time of data integration projects by up to 80%, and complements hand-coded as well as Data Integration tool approaches.

Pandora provides interactive functionality to:

  • Profile and interrogate all data from all systems
  • Discover relationships and derive dependencies across hundreds of systems
  • Assess data quality with re-usable validation rules and monitor over time
  • Prototype and validate business rules using complete volumes of data
  • Generate complete data movement and transformation specification documents
  • Define and manage data quality dashboards with business relevant KPIs
  • Automatically generate full sets of data to trial target applications (early UAT)

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