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Becoming a Member - FAQ

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Q. How much does membership cost?

A. Nothing. Membership is 100% free and there are absolutely no plans to charge in future.

Q. How many members are there?

A. Over 5,500. We typically get an extra 10-20 members joining each week so this figure will increase over time.

Q. Will you sell my email address?

A. No. Data Quality Pro is run by practitioners for practitioners. We never sell, spam or abuse member contact data.

Q. How can I become a member?

A. Just enter your details in the form and click to join. You'll then receive a confirmation email with member details.

Q. What are the benefits of Membership?

Free Data Quality Software and Tutorials:

The exclusive "Member Zone" provides access to several free Data Quality products and tutorials that can immediately support your data quality project or personal career development. Throughout the year we add new tutorials and members will be notified and given exclusive access to all tutorial materials.

Free Online Training Courses:

Throughout the year online training courses are provided by the community management team. Topics coming this year include: "Getting Started With Data Quality Management", "Developing Data Quality Technology Skills", "Getting Ahead in the Data Quality Industry" and various online seminars only available for members.

Additional Expert Resources:

Once you register as a member you automatically get access to the "Member Zone" - a restricted resource area that provides a wealth of additional educational and support materials for practitioners looking to expand their career and knowledge in the field.

Event Discounts:

The Member Zone has an events and training discount section that outlines all of the training and conference options available with substantial discounts for registered members of Data Quality Pro.

I first discovered DataQualityPro.com in 2009, and I havn’t looked back since. As far as I am concerned it is the definitive resource for data quality management professionals.
— Ken O'Connor (www.kenoconnordata.com)

As a member of Data Quality Pro I feel that I not only have access to the world’s best online source of data quality resources but also to a valuable network of like-minded professionals.
— Garry Ure, (www.garryure.co.uk)

I’ve had amazing feedback and opportunities since contributing to Data Quality Pro, sharing my experience has been extremely worthwhile.
— Nicola Askham (www.nicolaaskham.com)

Data Quality Pro is an exceptional site, for a practitioner there is simply no other resource that provides such depth of content and experience
— John Morris, Author of Practical Data Migration (www.iergo.co.uk)